The Beginnings

It was a sweet August night in Georgia. The four original members of Team 4/48 were sitting around talking about video games they loved as children/adolescents/bearded men, when in (literally) rolled their friend Sydney (see picture, right). Sydney mentioned to the four unbelievably attractive men that she loved watching her little brother play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a young girl, and then went on dabba dabba dabba dabba.

After speaking of the game for quite some time, the four fantastic specimens decided to replay the childhood wonder that is Ocarina of Time. Having not played the game in quite some time, the four centaurs painstakingly pounded the game out in around ten hours, and after being comatose for several hours, they reconvened and discussed exactly how awesome their accomplishment was.

Not long after, Peter had a sudden epiphany. Why not play all four (at the time) console 3D Zelda games in a row, back-to-back, nonstop? And why not share such awesomeness with the entire Internet? In an unwonted streak of brilliance, he brought the idea of creating a Zelda marathon to Adams, and after much gaiety, the two decided it would be bloody awesome and would totally help Joeh and Hoffy get some women. Thus, the two modest Adonises dragged the reluctant hermits into the Marathon, creating Team 4/48! The name for the Marathon was decided to be the 4/48 Zelda Marathon, as they were attempting to complete four 3D Zelda games over a span of 48 hours - quite a challenge after a 10-hour run of OoT.

The team set to work to prepare for the event - Peter spoke with the kind folks at Invisible Children, Adams developed a website, Hoffman set up the web server, and Joey tried to look like a faux hipster while complaining about how he had too much work to be helpful. The four man-babes spread the word to their friends at GT, attracting a fair amount of attention (unfortunately, the female attention was not given to Hoffy and Joeh :-/ ), and in the weeks preceding the marathon, the team practiced the games to sharpen their times. On the eve of the first 4/48 Zelda Marathon, the four love pistols gathered in Peter's basement with 3 gallons of caffeine and the hopes and prayers of an entire generation. The rest is history!

Marathon History The 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2008)
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