Team 4/48


Ryan Adams

Joey Dolensky

Peter Sohl

Ryan Hoffman

Danny Christ

Roger Mock

Nick Ranallo

Marathon History

Us disgusted at Sydney

The Beginnings

All great stories have a beginning, and the 4/48 Zelda Marathon is no different. It began as a simple challenge from a friend to beat Ocarina of Time as quickly as possible and slowly grew into one of the most awesome things imaginable.

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The First 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2008)

The first 4/48 Zelda Marathon started as a small idea with a big vision. After rushed preparation, Team 4/48 trudged through the four 3D Legend of Zelda games in approximately 44 hours - garnering approximately $500 in charity donations.

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The Second 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2009)

Following the success of the first marathon, an encore was inevitable. For its second year, the 4/48 Zelda Marathon added Ustream live streaming and chat support, while cutting playtime down to 42 hours and raising another $500 for charity.

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The Third 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2010)

In its third year, the 4/48 Zelda Marathon finally came into its own. The event added older games from the series, reward levels for donations and broke into the media, all of which contributed to the $2,400 donated by viewers over 65 hours of playtime.

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The Fourth 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2011)

In its fourth year, the 4/48 was all about expansion. With two new team members, a reimagined website and rewards system, and the release of Skyward Sword, the Marathon set new records for length, viewership, and donations.

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The 4/48 Zelda Marathon is a fan-run fundraiser. We have no affiliation with Nintendo or any game developers. All copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners, whom we love dearly.