The Third 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2010)

The 4/48 Zelda Marathon finally came into its own in its third year. After redesigning the website from scratch, the team also made some changes to the workings of the marathon, such as instituting a reward system for donations, making it possible to unlock the 2D games in the series and 100% runs of the 3D games at certain milestones.

The event finally broke into the media for the first time as well, getting coverage in local newspapers, many websites, and even a few radio and news broadcasts. The live stream of the marathon garnered over 5,000 views, and its supporters spent over 2,500 total hours with Team 4/48 over the course of three days.

Those supporters raised over $2,400 for Child's Play Charity, and the team played through the first seven console Zelda games for the first time, completing them in just under 65 hours. Ryan Adams danced in a Tingle costume and Peter Sohl spent an hour dressed as Link as the team set new personal bests in many games, and occasionally threw Link into lava as sleep deprivation slowly took hold.

When the dust cleared, 2010 saw the 4/48 Zelda Marathon reaching new heights in popularity and success. And it's just another step forward for us, as we look to continue to build on that success next winter.

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