The Second 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2009)

After the success of the first marathon, Team 4/48 decided to hold the marathon again in 2009, with the goal of not only bettering their time, but sharing the experience with more people through an online broadcast. The second year brought several improvements, including USTREAM live coverage and chat options, a whole bunch of new friends (in attendance both online and in person), and many more energy drinks and pixie sticks.

The popularity of the Marathon grew significantly, as its webcast garnered over 1,150 viewers, propelling the stream to #7 on USTREAM gaming (out of 31,891 channels). Many USTREAM viewers also donated to Invisible Children, with donations reaching several hundred dollars.

The second marathon also saw the event evolving into an international race, as Team 4/48 competed with a similar team of students in Perth, Australia to see who could complete the games first. The marathon ended 41 hours and 50 minutes after it started on December 15, a clear improvement over the first year's attempt, but perhaps not as much as the team might've hoped.

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