The First 4/48 Zelda Marathon (2008)

The first 4/48 Zelda Marathon was a success in every way. Conceived in late 2008 after the team had completed a grueling Ocarina of Time run, the marathon was, more than anything, a test to see if it was even possible for Team 4/48 to complete four 3D console Zelda games within two days.

Nearly $500 was donated to the nonprofit Invisible Children while the team gunned through all four games. Over 25 close friends came to the actual event, with many more watching through the (admittedly) rudimentary online video stream, broadcast only through our website.

44 hours and 14 minutes after starting on December 16, the first marathon was over, finished well within our 48 hour deadline. Impressed with our time and enamored with ourselves, Team 4/48 dined in Valhalla for three days and nights.

The run was far from flawless, though. Majora's Mask, the final game on our schedule, wasn't started until 35 hours into the marathon. With exhaustion beginning to set in, the rest of the team went to sleep, leaving Peter (the only team member with any significant experience with the game) alone to play the game's first 4 hours, at which point sleep deprivation won out, and Ryan Adams was woken up, handed the controller and told to 'figure it out.'

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